Friday, September 30, 2016

Mobility Concerns for Individuals with Physical Impairments

Immobility can create a huge independence barrier for seniors and other individuals with physical impairments. Activities and places which used to be favorite things to do or visit do not happen anymore, leaving the individual feeling trapped and out of touch.  

But what if the mobility concerns are within your home? What if you are unable to move freely in your living space because you are not able to maneuver through areas that at one time were done without a second thought? Some areas of the home that cause the greatest mobility concerns include the following:

  • Home entrances – The front porch may be difficult to step up onto and steps leading into the garage or out the backyard can become close to impossible for individuals who have limited mobility.
  • Bathrooms – The bathroom is probably one of the most necessary areas in the home. If you struggle to walk, bend or step up and over things, simple toileting and bathing functions can become close to impossible.
  • Kitchen – The kitchen is another necessary part of the home. People with mobility limitations can find it hard to open cabinets, access counters or even maneuver through galley style kitchens or confined spaces.
  • Living room – Nothing beats kicking back in a soft comfortable chair to watch your favorite television program.  However, these seating areas can provide a big problem if you are unable to get back out of them. People with hip issues or a weak upper body may not have the strength necessary to get in and out of normal living room furniture.
  • Upper and lower levels – For the same reason home entrance points are problematic, homes with stairs, either leading to an upper level or basement can pose great difficult for individuals who struggle to move freely throughout a space.
  • Bedrooms – Elevated beds, pillow-top mattresses and even bedroom closets can be particularly troublesome if you have difficulty stepping up to elevated spaces or have limited range of motion.

At Westside Medical Supply, our goal is to help you live independently and comfortably. We have a wide variety of lift chairs, portable ramps and stair lifts to help with mobility related issues around the home. We are always happy to come to your home and provide an in-home assessment of your specific needs. Call Westside Medical Supply today at 585-227-8750 for your free in-home consultation.

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